A Happy Discovery

I started this blog to give myself a regular writing exercise and to force myself to engage with the books on my shelves. So imagine my delight when I discovered that the first book I pulled from the pile–There Was a Wise Crow by Joseph Low–is a work by a significant figure in children’s illustration.

I bought my tattered, yellowed edition at a flea market several years ago. I’m sure I was attracted to the small trim (about 4″x6″) and charming illustrations, but the strange, cheeky rhyme is what sold me.

Cheeky! And probably something that would be passed up by editors today. Unless the creator won a Caldecott, or something. And as it happens, Joseph Low did.

Reading Low’s obituary in the New York Times, I learned about his incredibly rich creative life, his time in Chicago–where I’m from–and his studies very near where I grew up.

Who knew I had such a little treasure sitting on my shelf?



Images from There Was a Wise Crow by Joseph Low © 1969. Published by Scholastic Book Services.


4 thoughts on “A Happy Discovery

  1. Wow, I had American neighbours whose father worked for an oil company in Libya. They had a tattered copy of this book and we used to copy the pictures. It’s a joy to see it here.

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