An Experiment in Reading and Writing

There are many books on my shelves. Some are books I’ve written, many are books I’ve edited, and just about all of them–with the exception, perhaps, of the college texts I’ve saved because they made me feel smart then and because sometimes they’re worth revisiting now–are books that I love. Most of them are books written for children that I’ve collected over the years. One or two are books from my own childhood, complete with birthday or holiday inscriptions from my mother.

This blog is dedicated to those collected books for children. If all goes according to plan, it will be a place for me to highlight and remember those books, and share them one at a time. It will also be a place to talk about children’s publishing in general, though this is a personal blog, not one connected to my professional life as an editor. This is just a place to celebrate the books I love.

And yes, the image is of my actual bookshelf.


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